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3 Advantages of Hood Crating

Hood crating is when the crate is literally built around the item being shipped. It is called “hood crating” because there is no bottom to the crate – the wooden deck that forms the bottom of the crate does not exist. Instead, the item, usually engine or some other heavy piece of equipment is securely attached to the sides of the crate. The rest of the crate, including the top part, is custom-designed to fit over the item. This is why it is called a hood crate – it forms a hood (top and sides) over the item.

There are several advantages to shipping your items via hood crating, including:

When Size is An Issue

The crate ends up being the right size for the item being shipped. If you have something oversized that needs to be shipped from one place to another, and it is so large that it will not fit into a normal packing crate or box of any type, then hood crating is the way to go.

Safer Transport

Extra caution is taken when the item is moved from one place to another. The shipping techniques involved in handling something that is hood crated are very cautious. In some cases, cranes are used to lift the entire crate (machine and all) up from the ground, and it is gingerly placed into a truck or train car for the duration of its journey.

Your Items Are Protected From Theft

Because the crate is formed around the item, it is impossible to empty the crate and leave just the “box” behind. It would collapse, since it has no bottom and the item is attached to the sides! This means that your chances of receiving an empty box are impossible. On top of this, due to the size and weight of the items that hood crating works best for, they are too large to steal in the first place.