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Advantages of Reusable Crates

When most people plan to ship items, the first thing that they do is find a cardboard box that it will fit into. They then pack the item, sometimes wrapping it in newspaper, cotton or bubble wrap, before sealing the box and going straight to the post office or shipping company. This method works well for standard items, but when it comes to those required for industrial or mechanical use, it is not enough. Shipping larger, industrial items requires a wooden, reusable crate and special shipping company. With that said, there are many different advantages to shipping items in a reusable crate.

Protection From The Weather

The last thing that you want is for your expensive piece of machinery or important drilling parts to be subjected to the elements. Rain, snow, wind and too much sunlight can damage them, especially if there are electronic components involved. A reusable wooden crate is stronger than a cardboard box, and is less likely to allow your expensive machinery from getting wet. The shipping process, as well, is more secure, which also keeps the contents of the crate from weather-related damage.

Environmental Friendliness

Sure, cardboard and wood both come from trees, but which of the two can be used many times over? You may be able to reuse a cardboard box two or three times, but eventually it will begin to fall apart. It then gets recycled or tossed into a garbage can or dumpster. The latter of which is particularly environmentally unfriendly. Instead, a wooden crate can be used dozens – if not hundreds - of times. If something does not fit into it, the crate can be dismantled and rebuilt. This can also be done if one section of it begins to weaken. You cannot do that with a cardboard box!