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Quality Oilfield and Industrial Packaging Services

If you have ever been to an oilfield, then you know how large the equipment and machinery are. But, while you were standing there in awe of the drilling devices, the monitoring equipment and the drilling platform, did you wonder how on earth all of the equipment wound up where it is? After all, you cannot just walk into your local home improvement store and order up a drilling rig, complete with everything needed to complete the job.

How Do They Do It Then?

Those items had to be shipped in from a special manufacturer or two. They arrived by train and tractor trailer, and then had to be carefully unloaded. But, before they even left those manufacturers warehouses and shop floors, they had to be packaged. Since it is impossible to find a cardboard box that it both large enough and sturdy enough to ship some of that machinery – even the parts that arrived in sections that needed to be assembled – it was necessary to secure them into wooden crates.

So... What's The Big Deal?

In some cases, these wooden crates were formed around the machinery, but in others, the equipment was placed into already built crates. To keep it from rolling around and becoming damaged during the shipping process, everything in the crates had to be secured to the sides of it. Sometimes, cardboard is used to wedge the items and keep them from moving, but in others, large rubber straps are used to literally tie the items in and secure them to the sides of the crate, suspending them within it.

Because of this, crating services are the preferred method of shipping for oilfield supplies, as well as other industrial machinery. They ensure that the items being shipped arrive in one piece, as securely and safely packaged as they were when they left the manufacturer. In cases like these, cardboard boxes and other standard shipping methods simply do not work