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Security Seals and Shipping Security

Security seals are one of the best ways to ensure that your items get from point A to point B safely and securely. Look at it this way: a sealed box can always be opened and resealed to look like it had never been opened at all. However, if your package, shipping container or specialty crate has a numbered security seal on it, it becomes virtually tamper proof as there is no way to replace that seal once it has been broken.

On top of this, security seals create peace of mind for everyone involved. The customer shipping the items wants to know that their items will make it to where they need to go without someone messing with them. The shipping and crating company wants the extra assurance of this as well. Because of this, using security seals is a win-win situation.

Which Method Should I Choose?

There are several different types of security seals to choose from. The most common are plastic zip-tie like seals that are used on everything from overseas containers to smaller crates. There plastic seals have a serial number or code on them that is used to keep track of the contents – the numbers are on every shipping manifest, so if the seal is broken for any reason, the replacement code must be noted. Otherwise, it is obvious that the crate or container has been opened. The other main type of seal is metal. These also have a numeric code on them, but they are much harder to remove. Some of them lock into place and a key must be used to open them. Others simply attached to themselves, making them harder to open.

Using security seals makes your shipping crate tamper proof, and creates an extra level of insurance against loss and theft. The items being sent are important to the shipper and to the person (or company) receiving them, making the use of a seal that much more important.