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Stringer Skids – What Are They, And Why Are They Used?

In order to explain what a stringer skid is, it is first necessary to explain what a standard skid is. A standard skid is a wooden platform that different things are placed on before they are shipped. The skid makes shipping easier, since it has enough space between the flat top part, where the items are secured, and the bottom feet for a forklift to slide in and pick up the skid. This means that it also keeps the items being shipped or stored elevated up off of the floor of warehouses, trucks and train cars.

What Kind Of Load Can They Handle?

Placing things on skids make it easier to remove them from the trailer of a truck and simpler to move from one place to another around a warehouse. Standard skids are normally one size, and hold things that are smaller than them. But, what should you do when the item that you are shipping is too long or too heavy to fit onto a normal skid?

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This is where stringer skids come in. They are stronger than the standard variety, and, since they are custom-made for the item, can fit those things that are too long to fit on one. A stringer skid works in the same manner as a standard one: they keep items off of the ground, floor, or bottom of a trailer, which in turn keeps them cleaner and less likely to be damaged. The stringer skid is also bolted together, not nailed, allowing it to hold things that weigh more. Some can be designed to be picked up by a forklift, just like a standard skid can, but this is not always recommended based on the weight of the item. Instead, heavy-duty straps can be placed underneath of the skid and around the items fastened to it, to allow the whole works to be picked up securely by a large crane.