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Why Hire A Crating Company For My Shipments?

The two main reasons for hiring a crating company to handle your shipments both start with an S. They are Security and Safety. A crated item is securely aligned within its crate and will therefore not be subject to damage during the shipping process. Using this method is safer and meaning that your items are less likely to be stolen while in route.


The security factor that is involved in shipping things via a crating company is two-fold. To begin with, if a particular crate is not available to hold the item, one will be made for it. Try telling that to a standard shipping company that only has cardboard packing boxes in certain sizes! Secondly, after the item is placed into the crate, it is secured on all sides. Sometimes pieces of cardboard are wedged against it to hold it into place in the crate, while in other cases, large bands or straps are used to tie it down inside of the crate. All of these things will keep it from wobbling around and becoming damaged while in transit.


The safety factor is what is really important. If you are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to ship a very expensive piece of machinery from one part of the country to another, the last thing that you need is for it to vanish while undergoing the shipping process. A crating company like Kountry Boy Krating uses a number of different methods to ensure that your shipment does not go missing. Each crate is carefully marked and labeled, so that the contents and destination are very clear. It is then tracked thoroughly while it is on its way from point A to point B. This ensures that we know – and therefore, you know – where it is every step of the way.