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Wooden Saddles for Oilfield Equipment

Wooden saddles look an awful lot like skids, but are, obviously, not. A skid is designed to be picked up and handled by a forklift, and to keep items from touching the dirty bottom of truck trailers or messy warehouse floors. They consist of a top, where the items sit, and several low legs that support the top.

So What's The Difference?

A wooden saddle, on the other hand, is simply designed to prevent items from rolling around while being shipped from one place to another. These items are ones that do not need to be placed into a crate for extra security, so they are usually not extremely fragile. However, to keep them in one place and to make the shipping process easier, they are strapped to a wooden saddle before being stacked or placed into a bed of a truck, the back of a tractor trailer, or into a train car.

Why Oilfield Specific?

Oilfields require quite a bit of different types of equipment in order to function properly. While some of the larger pieces are usually shipped in hood crates, and the more fragile ones (or smaller ones) are packaged securely in closed crates, some of the flatter metal pieces that are far less breakable can be strapped to wooden saddles.

In many cases, the wooden saddle is made for these flat metal pieces and other non-fragile pieces of machinery or equipment. This ensures that the saddles are large and strong enough to keep the equipment in place while it is being shipped. If the saddles were too small, then the pieces might cause it to flip over, damaging them in transit. They also keep the items off of the ground, like a standard skid, however, the different lies in the way that it is built. You will not be able to lift something in a wooden saddle with a forklift, as its purpose is more to keep in a sturdy, single position than to make it easier to lift on and off of a truck.