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Custom Crating

Our team will go on location to take measurements then call into the office to have a crate built to the perfect size. This process minimizes the clients cost of transportation. We then line up a date that works best for our client to visit their facility so we can begin the crating process. If done by Kountry Boy Krating Ltd and its employees, our crates come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. In most situations, our clients require custom crating solutions because their products are different sizes and dimensions

Hood Packages

A hood package is basically a crate without a wood deck. We fasten the wood walls to a metal deck that a compressor or motor would sit on that is too big for a wooden deck due to weight restrictions, so one of our crew members takes these over sized walls and builds them around the product.

Container Skids/ Stringer Skids

Kountry Boy Krating Builds and packs skids that can be pushed into sea containers of any size. To make this process as smooth as possible, all we need to know is the size of the container or containers being shipped. We then pack and secure everything that is required to go in the sea container. A stringer skid is for products that customers want kept off the ground but weighs too much to put on a standard skid beacause it may crush it. A stringer skid is built out of 12 X 12 and is bolted, not nailed together to ensure the best possible hold.

Road Crew

We offer road crews to go to our clients facilities to pack crates that were pre-built at our head office. In doing so we will not just pack the crate and stencil all necessary markings that the client provides prior to the crew going on site, Kountry Boy Krating Ltd will also weigh any crates packed that day with a 10,000 LBS legal for trade scale that the road crew will bring with them on every trip that they go on. We also offer to store the crates at our facility until you can have it picked up.

Wood Saddles

Saddles are for vessels that don't require a crate but only sit on key points while on its side for transport. Saddles can be built in a variety of ways depending on the size and weight of what's being transported. Most time saddles are built on site to ensure a proper fit. Saddle's are wood nailed together and built to a size so that when a Kountry Boy employee cuts a half moon out of it, the saddle will keep the product off the ground and prevent what it's holding from rolling and causing damage to itself and other products around it. 

custom crating